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Welcome to Lilakshop - A UK based K-POP store!

We're Lilakshop, a UK-based K-POP shop run by fans for fans. We're currently only an ONLINE store, but we are opening our physical store in Shrewsbury, England, in mid-late 2024.

We sell official albums, photocards, POBs and merchandise of your favourite K-POP groups. As well as this, we make hand-poured soy wax candles inspired by K-POP groups, members & their songs. These make such unique gifts!

We strongly believe collecting KPOP should be a stress free, exciting hobby. We've created a community that values this and we hope you can join us as well!

Thank you for choosing to check out our website. Happy Shopping!!

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Meet the LilakStaff:

Lilakshop is a small team currently made up of four staff members.

Cerys (left) is the Owner, a K-Pop fan since 2018, formerly a SKZ GOM and forever a die-hard Jeongin ULT. She's based in Shrewsbury, where we hope to open our physical store in 2024. Some of her favourite groups include: SKZ, Seventeen, Enhypen, TWICE, BoyNextDoor, Le SSerafim, BTS and ITZY!

Miri (middle) is the Social Media Manager, a K-Pop fan since 2017 and like Cerys, a die-hard Innie lover. She's based in Glasgow, Scotland. Some of her favourite groups include: SKZ, Seventeen, BTS, Astro, Le SSerafim, Enhypen and TXT.

Katie (right) is the Marketing Manager, K-Pop fan since 2020 and don't even get her started on how much she loves Seonghwa. She's based in Newcastle, England. Some of her favourite groups include: ATEEZ, SKZ, Seventeen, TWICE and BTS.

Amelie (not pictured) is our latest team member, a K-Pop fan since 2020 and does photography here at Lilakshop. Her favourites include: BoyNextDoor and TXT.